Laser Cut Workshop

In this workshop I was introduced to the laser cutter. I created a simple vector design in illustratior to be cut on the laser cutter.    I tested the cut on paper first to see if the design held together. The ‘W’ in ‘were’ was too close to the edge of the cut so I increased the primiter of the canvas so not to cause any snapage. I also thought the text at the bottom of the design would work better as an engaging then a cut. 
I then cut the design on an acrylic sheet. Due to time constraints I was unable to do the etching elements to the design. 

I can see the protentual to using the laser cutter. One being that you could make a detailed cut out piece on card like Rob Ryan’s work, another could be a stencil or even changing the type of material that is used in a graphics product to bring something new and interesting to it. 


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