I decided that the best way to include all the elements in the brief together was to hand draw the skelington (looking at images online for a more accurate representation), then to photograph the human figures, then bring them together in photoshop and piece the work together. 
     I experment with the layering of the elements together. The image above  shows when I tried just placing the skelington on top of the figures, this didn’t give the effect I wanted as for some reason it gave off a green glow and the lines didn’t show up. 
  I then expermented with placing the skelingtons behinde the figures and changing the opacity of the photographs. This was much more effective then the other technique as it had a subtleness about it. The experment above showed one point of the expermentation whe the photos needed to be on a lower opacity. 

 I also created experments in the compassion of the figures. Bringing the figures together gives it a different meaning behind every the piece as it looks like the characters are as one and more equal and it is the opposite of what I was trying to communicate whith the piece. 


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