Image Ideas

For this project I had to chose a word from a list. I chose ‘Inequality’ to work from.  I first made a mind map of things that came to mind when thinking of the word. I came up with a number of different directions I could take. Some of these words included:-

  1. Gender – votes, the wage gap and access to education
  2. Poverty – wealth, gap between rich and poor (class system), access to food, water, education and healthcare.
  3. The history of inequality- votes, civil rights slavery.
  4. Control and the power that having more gives a person.
  5. Race and discrimination.
  6. The total opposite of inequality which could be communismat it’s core  values is that everyone is the same.
  7. The contrasts that inequality creates (a scene in the second hunger games comes to mind where the main character is a party in the capital and she’s ate a lot of food and someone offers her a drink that will make her throw up so she can eat more and back where she lives people are starving to death.) Decadence compared to extrem poverty.
  8. Sexuality- Marriage and attitudes.
  9. Blance or lack of.

This then lead me to explore imagery that could be used to represent the words. I found that a lot of the points not much actually came to mind.

The imagery above was looking at the  Suffragettes this linked to the equality in voting.

I brought this imagery in to a possible layout. This was collaging together a photo of a modern day woman and a line drawing of Suffragette. I wanted it to show the change but I didn’t think that it was effective more confusing.  I also couldn’t think of how I could bring photoshop or illustrator into this piece.  

 This idea (above) was focusing on the idea of imbalance in wealth. The one wealthy person waying more then the larger number of poorer people on the other side.

For this I was thinking that  I could possibly of drawn the wealthy man, took photos of people and collages them for the poorer people, and then make the scales on Illustrator.

 I then was thinking of how I could possibly reprasent the wage gap between men and women. This led me down the tracks of men and woman on towers of coins. The men’s tower being bigger then the woman’s. It was a simple way of showing what I wanted to communicate but I found it was obvious.

This then lead me on to thinking about commuinisum and how that’s all basically equality to the extrem. I lead this on to think about our Skeltons and how they are all basically the same (not including height and whith differences).

This gave me an ideas of layering a line drawing of a skelington over a photo of a man and a woman on photoshop.

I wanted to bring in imagery of money somehow. The ideas where as a background texture, as change in the figures pockets or as a design on the characters t-shirt/jumpers.


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