PhotoShop Workshop

photoshopWorkshopMy first workshop of the year was one in Photoshop. In the workshop I felt quite rusty at first as it had been a while since I last had a play about on PhotoShop and even then it was on a PC not a Mac. I quite enjoyed using it again. I forty five minutes to create an A5 cover for an article. I created a textured background using the photos provided in the brief, I like the effect  of the mountain range it created and the texture is almost a rocky or one of crumpled paper.

I tried to limit the colours used to make it more of an understated design so it wasn’t tacky in any way. If had had more time I would of tried this with the black text with I don’t think it fits in with the rest of the design. I think this looks out of place and would of done with a play about on blending techniques to make it work more. The text is just too much of a contrast as I have tried to be subtle with the details, for example the figure in the top left hand corner is only noticeable if you look close enough.

The green specs over the to gives it a sort of printed effect which I like as it made it seam more interesting then without it gave it a more organic feel to how it looks.


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