Firstly I am excited to be writing this blog post as it is a start of a new chapter in my life, secondly I’m terrified for the exact same reasons. I am hoping that the next three years are full of firsts, in the two weeks since I moved to Cardiff from Liverpool I have had many firsts. Theses include first rent payment, first time being away from my family, first time being called for jury duty (I am hopefully going to have deferred to the summer), and the first time I actually understood how to use Adobe Illustrator.

I hope I make lots of mistakes but that I only make them once. Learning what went wrong through personal experience and the mistakes of others is what makes you a better person. That’s what I really want to be in life is a better person, to look at the world in a number of different ways as a designer, a informed human being, as other people seeing things and to understand that they could physically be looking at the same thing but they see it differently because of personal experiences.

I would like to take theses things though the next three years and beyond with me.


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